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About Compreli

Our journey stems back to our deep concerted roots in apparel and fashion, by being an integral part of a decade long business transformational journey embarked by the largest apparel manufacturer in Sri Lanka. Possessing success stories all along this journey, we identified the core competency we have in terms of process oriented thinking, system driven culture and passion for operational excellence and thereby embraced in forming this new entity, Compreli.

Apparel Business Transformation - Our consultants have in-depth and hands on experience in key management and production processes having completed over 100 successful process improvement, resource optimization and ICT solution design & implementation engagements. Through an array of services and solutions to offer, Compreli guarantees its effectiveness in transforming methodology to results and rewards.

Garment Repair (Mending) - Our garment repair service is now offered in all major apparel sourcing destinations. We offer our services to 6 out of 10 largest apparel manufacturing organization in the world and to some of the most reputed brand names in the world. We are immensely conscious and concern about end user safety and our R&D team continue to find new and better products whilst our training school continue to train new recruits and upskill our 150+ technicians with better techniques to increase output.

Compreli Consulting (Private) Limited is a Sri Lankan company that offers services in Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Pakistan, India, Jordan, and Kenya. We are constantly growing and are in the process of expanding our services to other major apparel manufacturing destinations, such as Vietnam, Turkey, Ethiopia, Myanmar, and Cambodia.

Our brand tells our story and points to our key differentiators

We believe our continued growth year over year since inception is directly related to our commitment to these three ideals.

Our Employees

We recognize our greatest asset is our employees. We take great pride in them, which is why we continue to invest in recruiting, training, and retention programs. We are dedicated to fostering the career development of our people, and creating a workplace and culture we can all feel good about.

Our Customers

“How we deliver our services is as important as the services we deliver”.
We believe in building long-term, partnering relationships with our customers and provide innovative solutions and customized service levels when delivering exceptional value to our customers.

Our Community

Compreli takes its CSR efforts serious and commit to future corporate growth that will balance economic progress while instilling a culture of sustainable development for the environment and community.

  • Planting Trees - We contribute Rs. 1 per each piece of garment we recover to our ambitious tree planting initiative helping restore land that is degraded primarily due to deforestation
  • Education - We contribute Rs. 1 per each piece of garment we recover to an organization focused on uplifting the education system to prevent school drop outs.

In addition to these ideals, a formalized set of values governs our business decisions, forms our culture and characterizes our every interaction with Clients, Business Partners, Service Providers and Colleagues.