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In this disruptive age, the pace of change has gone into hyper-speed. This transformation means a shift in financial models, business models, and social structures.

If you are faced with challenges such as bringing new learnings to the business, managing the complexities of the business, or simply assisting with business expansion plans, ValueAura’s syndicate of consultants with their multi-sectoral expertise can help you understand and meet market demands anywhere in the world, whatever your industry. Saving you time, effort and money to do what you do best, even better!

Apparel & Manufacturing

We have successfully completed over 100 process improvement and resource optimization engagements both on the shop floor as well as in the front office environments...

Our key strengths are in improving speed to market and controlling margin erosion, whilst improving service and quality levels to your customer/buyer. We can help identify and resolve core operational challenges in apparel manufacturing

In addition, we are developing ICT solutions that could have the greatest impact on apparel sourcing. Anchored in the digitalization of apparel manufacturing processes with deep learning functionality.


Work with Sri Lankan Government to facilitate the use of ICT to improve the delivery of public services. We assist in requirement verification, design, development & implementation of ICT solutions


We reach out to all corners of the island to assist Small & Medium Enterprises to be a part of the economic boost by Improving its product reach, digitization of its operations and increasing profits.