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Digital Transformation

Maturing digital businesses are focused on integrating digital technologies, such as social, mobile, analytics and cloud, in the service of transforming how their businesses work.

Organizations need to take an end-to-end view first and then understand where the value of going digital lies. Is it in sales? Is it in marketing? Is it in automating operations or a combination of all of these?

ValueAura specializes in digital transformation. We add value to the way you understand and serve your customers, how your operational teams work & collaborate and the way your business processes are executed within and across organizational boundaries.

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Strategy, not Technology, drives Digital Transformation

The ability to digitally reimagine the business is determined in large part by a clear digital strategy supported by leaders who foster a culture able to change and invent the new.

Digital transformation is not about focusing on any single IT project. It’s a series of projects that, together, change every facet of an organization.

ValueAura’s digital experts will help navigate you through this intricate maze of business strategy, digital value map, digital strategy, IT capability modelling, process reengineering, technology selection and disruption of the old in order to create a comprehensive digital transformation plan suitable for your business.

ValueAura, believes in a dual-path approach. We design your IT strategy to achieve long term transformational goals whilst reaching a number of quick-wins to bring about business buy-in

Digital Transformation Focus

Business & Digital Strategy Formation
IT Capability Modelling & Developing Transformation Plan
Enterprise Architecture
ERP Consultation & Implementation
Enterprise Application Design & Development
Business Intelligence (BI) Tools
Customer Experience Management (CXM)
Human Capital Management (HCM)
Integration Platform To Connect ERP With Peripheral Systems
Business Process Automation
Business Process Improvement
Change Management, Training & Development

Process Improvement

Our Business Process Improvement services are primarily focused on improving Value for your business. Through the utilization of the proven Lean Six Sigma methodology we ensure sustainable value creation..

Our team has experience in working on projects across multiple industries including Fashion, Manufacturing, Automobile, Hospitality and BPO.

Having over a decade of experience bringing 100+ projects to completion, we drive resultant approach in our improvements

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Our Methodologies

Eliminating Defects and Data Driven Problem Solving Techniques – Pioneered by Motorola & GE
Eliminating Non Value Adding, Wasteful Tasks in Production – Championed by Toyota

Total Cycle Time Methodology


Total Preventive Maintenance Methodology

Process Improvement Focus

Wastage Reduction And Controlling Margin Erosion
Increasing Speed To Market By Reducing Cycle Time Of Operations
Throughput & Yield Optimization
Improving Resource Utilization
Accurate Capacity Assessment And Driving Improvements
Worker Productivity Assessment And Work Standardization
Increasing Visibility By Setting Kpis And Bfms. Creating Single Source Of Truth On Company Performancet
Driving KPI Improvement Through Performance Management

Software Development

We are passionate DevOps stalwarts, building and deploying software solutions for our customers. Our specialization is all about merging the best tools and trends with our multi-disciplinary approach to augment your digital ecosystem, accelerate your ROI and deliver great customer experience.

From product ideation to market ready – and everything in between – we provide a complete range of software product usability, design, and engineering services. Our solutions are founded adopting user first design leveraging Proprietary, Open Source, Cloud, Mobile, Big Data, and Internet of Things-based technologies to deliver context-aware, adaptive experiences.

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Technology Focus

Bespoke Software solutions made to your needs, onsite or offshore.
Skilled IT resources on demand for your resourcing needs.
Application support and maintenance services. Trained support teams with strict SLA’s
Improving resource utilization
Project Rescue.
Is your software project in the red ? We understand the challenges and can help you to bring the project on track.
Best in the class mobile application development.
Legacy Systems re-engineering services. Re-engineering of existing systems installed to meet the demand today.
Business Intelligence.